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Stephen Vincent Bush, with his niece & goddaughter, Claire

I was born and raised in Atlanta, and have always valued the entrepreneurial spirit. Watching my Father create and build his own consulting business into a success, as well as hearing stories about his Father’s business has instilled in me the appreciation of independence and personal pursuit. These are the characteristics that I have incorporated into my law practice, and are at the heart of VinceLegal.

Prior to law school, I worked with professional musicians, and all aspects of the entertainment business. Being able to involve myself in an industry I love and understand, while learning the necessity & nature of professional representation behind pure creative energy, is what inspired me to become a lawyer. I attended Loyola Law School in New Orleans, a city that in and of itself is fueled by creative energy and an independent spirit. At Loyola I was a member and coach of multiple moot court teams, an editor for the Loyola Maritime Law Journal, and creator of the online blogs “The Loyola Current,” and the sports and entertainment law blog. Most importantly was the expanded legal focus on tax and business law through Loyola’s tax certificate program. Through this I learned to hone my understanding and curious interest in tax law, and truly understand how my legal and business knowledge can be used as an asset to any business created from a person’s creative passion.

After graduating Loyola, I returned to Atlanta to work as an International Tax Consultant with Deloitte Tax LLP, helping multinational businesses structure themselves in a tax efficient manner, in addition to all types of international compliance obligations. Before starting VinceLegal, LLC, I left Deloitte to work briefly as a policy analyst with the Georgia House Ways and Means Committee.

VinceLegal was created so that I could build a business doing what I love by helping other businesses and individuals to thrive doing what they love. VinceLegal specializes in entity formation, structuring, drafting business agreements & bylaws, investment planning, registering and protecting trademarks & copyrights, and labor & employment issues faced by both employers and workers, in addition to the tax implications affecting every one of those aspects. We help individuals and businesses who are facing the IRS in an audit or dispute, who need professional tax planning and structuring advice, in addition to offering tax filing services of all types.

VinceLegal was also created to be a representative for creators in the arts & entertainment industry. I use my knowledge and experience in the entertainment world to help both creators who are just starting out as well as seasoned veterans to shape their goals into reality. Entertainment will always be a business, and artists need an ally who has the technical and professional knowledge of how that business works.

VinceLegal offers free initial consultations for any matter, so please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you continue to thrive.

J. Enrique Morales

Enrique is an intern with VinceLegal LLC. Enrique is an Atlanta native.  He graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Science.

After graduation, Enrique went on to attend law school and is completing his second year at Georgia State University College of Law.  At the end of his first year, he was honored to be inducted into the Phi Alpha Delta Society of Scholars. After his first year of law school, Enrique interned with the Appellate Division at the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office.  He is expected to graduate in May of 2017.

Enrique’s career goal is to combine his background in business and fluency in Spanish with a legal education in order to serve others in the community.