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Corporate Services Attorney

A corporate services lawyer must draw from contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, IP, zoning, & labor employment law in order to help a business thrive. It is my role to ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advise on legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers. In addition, tax can be a cumbersome and expensive aspect of running a business. As an experienced corporate attorney, I consult with business owners and shareholders alike to help them run any kind of business in a cost efficient manner, and maximize the benefit of owning and running their business. I offer personalized service tailored to every situation, because no two business are exactly alike.

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Starting a Business

You’ve got an idea and you want to incorporate so that you can start developing it and turn it into a business. When deciding to incorporate, it is extremely important to have an experienced attorney at your side. An attorney will not only help your business come into compliance with the law, but will also help your business grow and thrive.

VinceLegal offers invaluable experience handling incorporation, planning, and financing, all in a cost effective and tax efficient manner. We can help you decide on what type of entity is best for your business, file all the necessary documents with the Georgia Secretary of State and the IRS, obtain financing, draft operating agreements, and assist with all labor and employment issues you may face.

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