Experienced Tax Attorney

VinceLegal provides tax services on all matters concerning issues for both individuals and businesses. Regardless of income level, taxpayers benefit from consulting with an experienced tax practitioner before filing their taxes, executing any major investment transaction, structuring their business, or dealing with the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue. Whether it be the purchase or commencement of a business endeavor the selection of appropriate portfolio investments, planning for an audit, handling

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collection proceedings, or simply figuring out which returns must be filed, it is always wise to know the tax consequences beforehand. Without consideration of the tax repercussions of a financial decision, an astute economic move can quickly become unsound. VinceLegal stays current with the constantly changing and evolving tax laws and can help all varieties of clients file their taxes, implement investment, business, retirement, and estate-planning strategies all in a tax efficient and low cost manner.

VinceLegal provides tax services such as planning, as well as compliance, for federal, state and local taxes, income, estate, excise, property, and sales and use taxes; review tax shelters; structure investments to Tax Services, Tax, courtroom, lawyer, law, IRS, Judge, Audit, collection, proceedings, department of revenue,generate tax benefits; litigate or settle disputes with tax authorities; coordinate tax plans with financial advisors and accountants. Taxpayers are subject to a complex array of state and federal laws that can pose serious problems for the finances of their businesses and themselves. VinceLegal applies taxation expertise to develop plans and solutions for your business and tax needs.

We are aware that many taxpayers are still recovering from the financial recession of recent years. We are knowledgeable of the laws concerning debt forgiveness due to short-sales, foreclosures, and debt-reduction agreements, and we are experienced in resolving past-due tax obligations with the IRS. Whether it is an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, or an application for currently not collectible status, our attorneys negotiate to obtain the best outcomes.

Tax Services

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    File Your Taxes

    Whether you’re an individual or own a business, let us file for you. File your taxes.

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    Collection & Audit

    If you’ve received a deficiency notice from the IRS or are facing an audit, we can help. Collection & audit.

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    Planning & Estimates

    VinceLegal represents individuals and business clients concerning transaction structuring and planning, business succession planning, and probate. Planning & Estimates

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    International Services

    With a strong background handling many aspects of international tax, VinceLegal will help you understand, comply, and thrive within the international market. International services.