International Tax

The globalization of trade and investment profoundly affects the practices and policies of international tax. Clients increasingly operate in a multinational world in which expertise in both domestic and international rules is a must. VinceLegal specializes in the complex and continuously evolving area of international tax law. We can help with individual & corporate tax advice and compliance, mergers & acquisitions strategies and due diligence, including transfer pricing valuation and strategies, cross-border structuring, and post-integration planning, compliance and other required reporting. VinceLegal has expertise in both inbound and outbound tax planning.

In outbound planning, additional areas include deferral, reorganizations, Subpart F, repatriation and foreign tax credits, much of which can be driven by cash/Treasury needs.

For inbound investment, we have significant experience in FIRPTA, earnings stripping, §7874, branch taxes and withholding for partnerships, investment funds, individuals and corporations.

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When it comes to entity classification, the U.S. rules sometimes differ from foreign jurisdictions. We help our clients make sense of how certain jurisdictions view transactions, and the tax implications for the overall international structure, whether taxation flows through to the owner or an entity is taxed at the corporate level. We provide estimates for all types of transactions, and can also help you with all of your related U.S. federal, state and international tax returns and FATCA reporting.

The international tax laws are complex, and dealing with every issue you or your business may encounter can be quite difficult. That’s why we make it a priority to thoroughly explain all steps and details as clear as possible, walking you through every aspect of the process.

We have the experience and the knowledge to get you where you want to be.

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