Owing the Internal Revenue Service or Georgia Department of Revenue can be an intimidating experience, and VinceLegal prides itself on taking every matter seriously. We take immediate and direct action on your behalf to manage all aspects of controversy and to provide you with the solution that best fits your needs. VinceLegal handles all aspects of collection including the following matters:


A tax lien or tax levy limits your ability to buy and sell your property, run a business, or manage your assets. If the lien is based on a mistake or misunderstanding, we can sort out this matter with the IRS or Georgia DOR. If a tax liability is paid in full, many times action must be taken to confirm that the liens have been released. A levy is the government’s ability to “freeze” or collect funds from any type of bank or brokerage account. The government may also issue a wage garnishment or attachment requiring your employer to remit a significant portion of your paycheck directly to the taxing authority. Contact us so we can attempt to negotiate the release of a lien or levy, and allow you to deal with the collection process while still maintaining full control of your assets.

Whether you have a routine audit, or are concerned about certain issues or positions taken on your return, we will assist you in preparing, organizing, and articulating your case. If you are being audited, it is always best to consult with an attorney before speaking with a CPA or a financial advisor, because non-attorneys can be subpoenaed or required to testify against you in court.  Most importantly, you should contact an attorney before contacting the IRS or DOR.

While tax audits are intimidating and can be risky, they give you the opportunity to demonstrate your case and protect your rights.  We are prepared to aggressively counter the IRS or DOR while working to resolve your case efficiently and favorably.

VinceLegal also assists with sales and use tax compliance and audits. State and local laws and their regulations vary between local jurisdictions and are subject to misinterpretation by both companies and state tax auditors. VinceLegal can provide your company with assistance in the areas of compliance, audit management, research, and overpayment reviews and defense.

We also specialize in helping taxpayers and businesses return to compliance by filing their outstanding tax returns.  It can be overwhelming to come forward, but VinceLegal can help minimize criminal exposure and help you to voluntarily disclose information if necessary.  The IRS has the authority to file substitute returns on your behalf, which often results in an overstated amount due. In addition to dealing with the IRS or DOR, we also file returns to help you comply with all tax liabilities you may face so you don’t end up owing more than your fair share.

Payroll tax issues occur when a business fails to file the required payroll tax returns, or to remit the payroll taxes withheld from its employees.  The IRS can look to the owners, officers, and the employees of the business to collect those unpaid liabilities.  VinceLegal is ready to help if you are a business in trouble with the IRS or DOR or an individual involved with a company facing payroll tax complications.

This is a payment arrangement where the government allows a taxpayer to pay liabilities over time.  Once a payment plan is established, the IRS or DOR does not take enforced collection action as long as the taxpayer remains current with all filing and payment obligations.  On your behalf, we will negotiate the best possible agreement based on your current circumstances and objectives.  If you cannot afford to make monthly payments and do not qualify for another type of tax relief, we can negotiate to have your account placed into a “currently not collectible” status where you will not be required to make payments, subject to review at a later time.

An additional method for lowering taxes owed to the government is a request for penalty abatement.  A penalty abatement is when all or a portion of the penalties (and corresponding interest) are removed from your balance due.  The IRS employs the standard of reasonable cause, which is based on all facts and circumstances surrounding the period for which the penalty was assessed.

An offer in compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS resolving, and typically reducing the taxpayer’s liability. Congress has allowed the IRS to negotiate tax liabilities by accepting from the taxpayer less than full payment if certain conditions are met.  The specific financial circumstances of the taxpayer dictate whether an OIC is the best route to take.  We can help you by submitting the offer in compromise on your behalf, because it is a formal and complicated process that requires in-depth financial disclosures to the IRS.  Many times appeal rights must be exercised to extend the negotiations and achieve the desired results.

Similarly, The Georgia Department of Revenue’s Offer in Compromise program allows a taxpayer to settle a tax liability for less than the total amount owed. Generally, the Department approves an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most the Department can expect to collect within a reasonable period of time.

VinceLegal can protect current, former, and future spouses from liability caused by another and the collection activity by the IRS or DOR.

Georgia law allows relief from a Georgia liability when the liability was caused by the unreported or incorrectly reported income of a person on a joint return, the person requesting relief has proof that he or she did not know, and did not have reason to know, the income was omitted or reported incorrectly, under the circumstances, it is inequitable to hold the person responsible for tax on the unreported or incorrectly reported income, and the person was granted relief from a federal tax balance under Section 6015 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We can help if you have been assessed income taxes, penalties, and interest as a result of the actions or inactions of your spouse.


We understand that every tax matter is different, and that therefore so is every solution. No matter the issue, VinceLegal can offer professional, ethical, and reliable help to get your tax issue taken care. For a free consultation, please call us today so we can get started.